What does Barack Obama do while his wife and relatives spend millions of taxpayer dollars on a safari vacation in Africa? He′s going to the Big Apple to hold his 31st fund raising event for Wall Street fat-cats priced at a mere $35,000 a plate. So while America reels with more bad news about growing unemployment and economic downturns, Obama will feast at Daniels, a posh 4-star restaurant in New York City. The menu for tonight is a state secret, but for you ordinary folks, they do have a 6-course tasting menu for just $195.

barack obama fundraising

You have to wonder about Obama′s priorities. Hopes for resolving the debt ceiling issue before Congress begins its July 4th holiday are fading fast. The August 2nd deadline will be a tough one to meet with Obama distracted by all of his fund raising activities. One has to wonder why he needs a billion dollars since he won′t have any real challenger during the primary season. Does Obama think that money alone will win the day as America goes down the drain thanks to his policies?

If Obama′s extravagant lifestyle does not interest you, The Jawa Report has a fun story about how the ATF, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agency is celebrating Gay Pride Month. This must be a big deal, as even The Pirate′s Cove tackles the subject. Over at Sister Toldjah has a piece about Obama′s withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. Mikeb302000 is staying on top of the Pentagon terror story, which appears to be linked to the old DC-sniper shooting case.

At SISU, there is a review about the Sarah Palin documentary, ″Undefeated″. Meanwhile, there is considerable buzz, even at Patterico′s Pontifications about how OJ Simpson may be ready to confess to Oprah. But perhaps even more interesting is a story at New Zeal about how the FBI is looking into some of Obama′s old friends who are linked to terrorist groups. For something lighter, Althouse has a story about ignorance at the Miss USA contest. Who′d of thunk it?

But in my framed-out way of life, the real ignorance are the Wall Street fat-cats who are shelling out $35,000 a plate to dine with Anti-President Obama tonight. The exclusive fund raiser is being held in New York City at Daniel′s restaurant. I suppose the attending hedge fund managers are paying Obama back for giving them plenty of slack in the Wall Street reform law. Or maybe they want to hear any advance stories about Michelle Obama′s multi-million dollar African safari vacation? Too bad neither are creating any jobs in this country!