The 2012 Michele Bachmann for President campaign officially launches in Waterloo, Iowa on Monday. Congresswoman Bachmann, popular with the Tea Party, has been having a pretty good time since the GOP presidential debate in New Hampshire last week. The latest Zogby Poll has her in first place with 24%, while both Mitt Romney and Herman Cain battle for second place, tied with 15% each. Her bid for the White House has already put fellow Minnesotan Tim Pawlenty on the defensive, as Bachmann is viewed by many in the Republican Party as being as energetic a candidate as Sarah Palin is without as much baggage.

michele bachmann for president

While being from Minnesota, Bachmann was born in Iowa. A fact that might give her an edge in the early caucus state. But her real advantages are her ties with conservative Christians, and the hiring of former staffers of Mike Huckabee, who had won Iowa in 2008. Bachmann also has good potentials for the South Carolina primary, the third contest following Iowa and New Hampshire. Victories in both states could make her a genuine contender for winning the 2012 Republican presidential nomination.

Two Mondays ago, the day of the New Hampshire debate, Bachmann filed her initial paperwork for her presidential campaign. So next week Monday′s official launch in Waterloo, Iowa, her birth-town, will send a signal that she is committed. While state election laws in Minnesota will allow her to be on the ballot for both Congress and the White House, there is plenty of time for her to wait until deciding if she will campaign for both positions. Usually, a GOP nominee is determined fairly early, although this election cycle, the Grand Old Party has adopted the Democrat system of proportional allotment of state delegates, which could open the door for a late decision, even a convention fight.

The Michele Bachmann for president campaign for 2012 kicks off on Monday in Waterloo, Iowa. Bachmann currently shows signs of being a contender and could win the early caucus state. With the latest Zogby Poll putting her on top of Mitt Romney, who is tied for second with Herman Cain, Bachmann may be the favorite of Tea Party and social, Christian conservatives within the GOP. Her entry into the race may be a reason why Sarah Palin decides to sit this election out, as both of these strong women would be seeking the same voters.