I am certain that GM executives are having panic attacks over the thought of the bike riding, Prius loving crowd ignoring their automobiles. This is akin to the bloggers at Polipundit.com boycotting salsa products. And other random thoughts of the day.

Fox News is biased towards the right. So what? ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and PBS all hold a left bias. They bill themselves as impartial as well.

Some organization called Diago and the hotline has a poll on the GOP primary that is the result of 250 interviews with Republicans. Is it me or the bar very low these days for what passes as acceptable scientific polling data?

Gorby does not like the United States. Well, Reagan was responsible for taking the Soviet Union away from him. I guess he is harboring some residual bitterness. Calm down, have a glass of Vodka!

I love that democracy in Russia. Who remembers Bush saying, “I looked in his eyes. I trust him”, in regards to Putin? George W. Bush sure is a swell judge of character. Although I will say he did get his Supreme Court nominees correct, at least after the Harriet Miers debacle.

I recently turned on the Rush Limbaugh show during a long drive. Within 60 seconds, I had trouble staying awake at the wheel. Limbaugh’s show is a mere shell of what it once was. It is a veritable snooze fest.

Only 1 more month until the General’s report on the progress (or lack thereof) in Iraq. Gosh, I am looking forward to reading that about as much as my next appointment with my proctologist.

Somehow, someway, our “friends” Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton will manage to blame “the man” for Michael Vick’s troubles. I don’t think Vick should go to prison if found guilty. Nope. I think he should receive the exact same punishment that his dogs received after losing a fight. In my world, that would be justice.

Fred Thompson is not even a candidate and his campaign is already a mess. This has so unnerved the social conservatives that they are barely able to keep their minds on what is really important to them – banning gay marriage. We don’t want no guvmint intervention, that is unless it keeps those gays away. Inviting the federal government into the issue of marriage. So much for liberty and less government.

John McCain seems to be adopting the “Fred Flinstone” strategy of running a campaign. We don’t need no stinkin brakes, we’ll just use our feet. No money, no employees, no commercials but all is well!

John Edwards thinks somebody cares enough about him to shut him up. Is he really saying anything? Isn’t sort of a rule that you have to say something relevant first and then worry about someone shutting you up next?

Did Bill Richardson get drafted by anyone in this years baseball draft? Just asking.

Rudy Giuliani is my hero. I have always wanted to have my wife live in a publicly funded mansion while I am out dating. Rudy and Bill Clinton almost have to be buddies, at least in secret.

Whatever happened to Gus Hall?