The much anticipated speech by Barack Obama on an Afghanistan drawdown schedule for 2011 will be tonight. Obama will make a ten-minute speech at roughly 8pm while visiting Fort Drum, home of the U.S. Army 10th Mountain Division. He is expected to begin a troop drawdown in Afghanistan this summer, roughly 5,000 men or one brigade, with a second brigade withdrawal later this year, or even not till next spring. Most of the 30,000 troops surged last year will be out by the end of 2012, with most U.S. combat forces out by 2014. Public and political support for the increased troop deployment of United States military in Afghanistan has declined the past year.

afghanistan drawdown

There are several reasons for the decline in public support for the war in Afghanistan. The recent death of Osama bin Laden is just one factor. Some reports indicate that there are as few as 300-400 Al Qaeda insurgents operating in Afghanistan, hardly justifying 100,000 U.S. and NATO troops. Talks between Afghan president Hamid Karzai and the Taliban are being encouraged to find a resolution, ending what is largely now a civil war.

U.S. conservative and liberal politicians are on the same page when it comes to pulling out of Afghanistan. Even Ann Coulter, author of the new best seller, ″Demonic″, contends that there has been little point in continuing a U.S. military presence there after the initial invasion in 2001, following the 9/11 attacks. A relatively low-budget war, using mostly special forces and air power to support allies in the then Northern Alliance effectively toppled the Taliban government and drove the Taliban and Al Qaeda into northern Pakisatn within the matter of a few weeks. Coulter, and others, argue that the current nation-building role has been a failure and waste of time, money and blood due to the high illiteracy rate and tribal politics of the land.

So tonight, at 8pm EDT, a plan by Barack Obama for the Afghanistan drawdown of U.S. Military forces will be delivered. After an initial 5,000 troops to be pulled out this summer, a further withdrawal of another 5,000 troops by next spring, followed by another 10,000 by the end of 2012. The Obama Administration intends to pull out all U.S. combat forces from Afghanistan by the end of 2014.