Mary Kaye Huntsman has been married to Jon Huntsman, the Republican Presidential candidate, since 1983. Although her web site does not state her age for some reason, I’d guess that she is around 50 years old since she met Huntsman while they attended high school, and he was born in 1960. The couple has 7 children; the younger two are adopted, one from China and one from India. Following this post is a video of the Huntsmans discussing their relationship.

She has also formed two interest groups, both dealing with problems of youth.


In 1997, Huntsman’s daughter Libby was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. Since her daughter was receiving excellent professional medical care, she decided that the best way to help her daughter was by getting her to help someone else. “By her service, I felt it was going to lift her and make her realize that she’s not so bad off, and she can actually help someone feeling the same way.” While receiving treatment, they met a 5 year old boy diagnosed with the same disease. They put together a bag of treats and toys for him to help him deal with his malady.

Eventually, another dozen kids to volunteer locally in this program. Mary Kaye then addressed a Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation national convention and explained her program. From there, the Bag of Hope program began being used nationally in conjunction with this condition.


While First Lady of Utah, Huntsman got the idea to help teenagers who have emotional problems because of challenges that they’ve faced. So, she created an organization called ‘Power in You’. The basic premise is that many times, kids have emotional issues based on another problem, from bullying to cancer. This program tries to get the teenagers to feel that they’re not alone. Since schools have few resources to deal with this, the group sets up peer mentoring for children from 12 to 18 years old.

Here is the video of the Huntsman’s discussing their relationship: