First Lady Michelle Obama arrives in South Africa today along with both of her daughters, kicking off her second solo trip abroad. Today she is expected to travel from Pretoria to Johannesburg to visit the Nelson Mandela Foundation. She will later appear in Cape Town to meet with youth leaders, such as Julius Malema of the African National Congress Youth League, to discuss education and other subjects. Michelle Obama was met at the airport in Pretoria by President Jacob Zuma and Ntuli Zuma, one of the president′s three wives. Speaking of presidents, perhaps the First Lady′s trip is why her husband, Barack Obama, has decided to do some social networking on Twitter? Perhaps it is lonely at the White House?

michelle obama arrives south africa

You may recall last year about this time, Michelle Obama took a vacation to Spain, along with numerous friends and acquaintances. While the American press laid low, the UK press reported regularly on the extravagant trip, complete with posh menus and villas. The First Lady frequently vacations without Barack. Early during the BP oil spill disaster, she was in Malibu, staying at a sea-side mansion owned by a billionaire campaign contributor. She did accompany her husband on a vacation trip through South America earlier this year, which included one state visit in Brazil, to justify the journey as official business.

While Michelle Obama arrives in South Africa today, starting a week-long visit, there are few details to the size of her entourage. She will have some official meetings, including with current president Jacob Zuma and visit the Nelson Mandela Foundation. From Pretoria to Johannesburg to Cape Town, the First Lady will carry on while her husband, Barack Obama, plays with his new Twitter account from the White House. One would think after Anthony Weiner that politicians would stay clear of tweeting for a while.