According to Roll Call newspaper, Michele Bachmann used taxpayer money for a Tea Party Rally in 2009. Some of a $13,630 rental fee for a sound system at a Tea Party rally to protest the Obama health care bill held on November 5, 2009 may have come from her congressional office funds. Several other members of Congress, including Steve King (R-IA) Tom Price (R-GA) and Todd Akin (R-MO) may have also contributed to pay the rental fee. House rules forbid use of such funds for strictly political events, which may be the question mark here. Such funds can be used for events like press conferences, though that may be a stretch in this case. Today′s story comes after Bachmann had a good week launching her 2012 presidential campaign.

michele bachmann tea party rally

Each of the four members of Congress cited contributed $3,407.50 to pay the rental fee. Bachmann had listed the event as a press conference, although there was no organized question and answer period with any reporters attending. Whether there were any unorganized interactions between Bachmann and the press at the event has yet to be determined.

Clearly, after a good showing at the New Hampshire GOP presidential debate, Michele Bachmann has become a fresh target for the Media. Sarah Palin is routinely attacked for nearly anything the press can conjure up. Tim Pawlenty was attacked last week for not attacking Mitt Romney during the debate. So it is not unusual for charges like this to emerge. Mind you, even if it were true, it is a drop in the bucket compared to what Barack Obama costs taxpayers every time he travels to some destination to deliver an address, then attends a fund raiser or plays a round of golf.

So Roll Call newspaper published a story today on how Michele Bachmann used taxpayer money to fund a Tea Party rally in 2009. Is this just an expected political hit-piece, now that Bachmann is a presidential candidate for 2012? Has her sudden popularity sent a shiver down the backs of the spineless Far-Left Media?