Arizona Senator John McCain was none too happy when he appeared on ABC′s Sunday morning show with Christiane Amanpour. Se. McCain tagged all the GOP presidential candidates as being Isolationists. He is also unhappy that the House voted this week to chastise Barack Obama for abusing the War Powers Act in Libya. McCain said the current Republican Party is not the same as it was under Ronald Reagan, with people like Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney calling for troop withdraws from Afghanistan, not unlike Pat Buchanan. But is McCain right?

Sen. McCain GOP

None other than Ann Coulter, author of the new best seller, ″Demonic″, criticized McCain for his remarks. Ann began explaining that Ronald Reagan believed in only using force when American national security interests are in jeopardy. When he overstepped this criteria in Lebanon, he corrected his mistake by pulling out. Coulter said on the Fox News show, ″Fox & Friends″ Sunday morning that John McCain is all too quick to commit U.S. troops where not needed. She added that we should have pulled out of Afghanistan six months after we defeated the Taliban, and certainly now that Osama bin Laden is dead. On the matter of Iraq, Coulter said we certainly did have a national interest in toppling the regime of Saddam Hussein, who threatened the entire oil-rich region.

Sen. McCain began attacking the GOP after a House vote calling on Barack Obama to explain our presence and mission in Libya this week. Michele Bachmann even has signed on to a bill by Dennis Kucinich calling for not funding the NATO mission there. McCain repeated his angst with Christiane Amanpour about how Gaddafi wrote a thank you letter to House members of the Republican Party for their stance against Obama′s war in Libya. McCain believes the current field of GOP candidates, including Mitt Romney, have abandoned the ideals of Ronald Reagan and are isolationists like Pat Buchanan.