On Saturday, Texas Governor Rick Perry delivered the keynote address in New Orleans at the Republican Leadership Conferences. Some 2,000 party activists from 38 states attended, hearing from several 2012 GOP presidential candidates on Friday as they argued why they want to replace Barack Obama in the White House. But no speech came close to getting the positive response as Perry did on Saturday. When finished, Rick Perry was met with chants of “Run, Rick, Run!” and “Perry 2012!”

texas governor rick perry

The highlights of Rick Perry′s speech focused on three key points. That the Republican Party must stand for reducing the size and power of the Federal government. That the GOP needs to be the party that defends the Right to Life. That Republican politicians and spokespeople need to stop apologizing to the Left-Wing Media for believing in a Constitutionally-limited government, individual liberty, and morality.

Perry served up plenty of red meat, bashing Obama for his over-spending and over-regulating ways. Gov. Perry warned that Obamacare would bankrupt state governments due to the health care reform law mandates. He laid out four guiding principles for Conservative politicians to subscribe to. Do not spend every dime collected in taxes. Keep taxes low. Keep regulations at a minimum. Institute tort reforms to reduce frivolous lawsuits. Perry said that this is how he has guided the state of Texas, now elected for a third term, to be the most growth-friendly state in the union. Texas has accounted for over 47% of all new jobs created in the past two years.

There seems little doubt now that Texas Governor Rick Perry will run for president. His speech at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans Saturday was a clear signal, laying out his reasons for replacing Barack Obama in the White House. Gov. Rick Perry will probably not announce his joining the 2012 presidential race until after the Texas Legislature ends its session later this summer. Meanwhile, he is beginning to put together a team for early primary states such as Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.