Watch out, Rory Mcilroy! This may not be the 2011 US Open Congressional, but today is the day for the Obama – Boehner Golf Summit. While lawmakers question Obama about Libya, the White House says Boehner and his guest, Ohio Gov. John Kasich will play against Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Where is still a mystery? Today′s golf outing will be Obama′s 12th weekend in a row, as President Obama was in Puerto Rico last weekend for some golf. This marks the 17th golf outing just this year for Obama, his 79th since becoming president. Obama may find himself under-rated today, with a 17-stroke handicap, compared to Boehner′s 7.9 and Biden′s 6.3. John Kasich is said to have a handicap of 8.

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The Obama – Boehner Golf Summit is today. Image Credit: White House Official Photographer /

Officially, this is a purely social event, as White House spokesman Jay Carney says no business will be discussed. There is plenty of business on the plate, too. At midnight tonight, the extension on our military involvement in Libya expires while Obama ignores even his own staff of lawyers concerning complying with the War Powers Act. Also on the table is the budget and debt ceiling issue, which has a new deadline of August 2 to be resolved. Between March through May, Joe Biden, heading the working group on the matter, held only five meetings with members of the House and Senate. This week, he actually held three meetings on the subject.

So while golf fans watch Rory Mcilroy at the 2011 US Open Congressional tournament, the real action may be at the Obama – Boehner Golf Summit today. The White House may not like Boehner and lawmakers being critical of the Obama stance in Libya, or on dealing with the $14.4 Trillion dollar national debt. Barack Obama and Joe Biden will take on John Boehner and Ohio Gov. John Kasich at an undisclosed golf course today. Last weekend, Obama played in Puerto Rico, which makes today his 12th golf weekend in a row. The man has too much free time on his hands it seems.

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