Rush Limbaugh launches his own brand of sweet tea, Two if by Tea, a play on the famous Longfellow poem about Paul Revere′s ride at the start of the American Revolutionary War. While some may think this is directly connected to the recent controversy over Sarah Palin comments about Paul Revere, Limbaugh′s product began being developed months ago. The roll out this week has been phenomenal, with millions of bottles sold, in twelve-packs, swamping both the website and phone orders.

rush limbaugh two if by tea
Rush Limbaugh Two if by Tea is his new brand of sweet tea. The roll-out this week has resulted in amazing sales. Image Credit: Chris Conner /

Having the most popular radio talk show in the United States helps. But long-time listeners will remember how Rush boosted sales of Snapple brand of teas years ago. Two if by Tea is not yet available in local grocery stores, but will be soon. Several distribution centers have been set up across the country, such that orders can be shipped and received within three-business days after an order is placed. Available flavors currently are Original Sweet Tea, Diet Original Tea, Raspberry Tea and Diet Raspberry Tea. Some of the proceeds from sales are going to one of Rush Limbaugh′s favorite charities, the Marine Corps – Law Enforcement Foundation, which provides scholarships and medical assistance to the children of fallen service heroes.

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So there is plenty to consider while you sip on a Rush Limbaugh Two if by Tea. The new brand of sweet tea rolled out this week with major sales. Each bottle′s label, and even the shrink wrap for the twelve-packs, has a cool picture of Rush Limbaugh in American Revolutionary garb. You can just hear him shouting, ″The Liberals are coming! The Liberals are coming!″