Unless you are a true social conservative and wish with all of your heart that the headline above were not true, can anyone really deny the inevitability of this contest? Even scarier for some, it is difficult, although not impossible, to imagine Rudy winning. That should make me popular in the GOP blogosphere. And other random thoughts of the day.

Obama, despite his fund raising advantage, is finished as a serious candidate to Hillary Clinton. The msm has been waiting for an opportunity to side with Clinton, while at the same time not risked being accused of racism. Obama gave them their opening with his ill advised comments on meeting with the world’s worst dictators. I previously thought he would be a good VP for Hillary. Now, I think Hillary needs a southern male if she hopes to pick off VA, TN, KY and one of the Carolinas.

Every time I read Polipundit.com, I come away amused at how truly ignorant they are on the issue of immigration. It is almost as if they have decided, that on this one issue, they will completely ignore logic and reason. The bloggers on that site are even against legal immigration. Who do you think is going to pay for your social security in the future? Oh, that’s right, you won’t need social security because you will have taken care of everything yourself. The only problem with that theory takes place after the 12 to 20 million illegals are deported. The cost of every piece of fruit, corn, mushrooms and numerous other items will double almost overnight. It will be nice to test the theory of stagflation again. Hopefully, your business will not suffer or you will not be laid off if employed by someone else.

They are taking jobs from good Americans – insert accent. Hey, the illegals have the jobs that you xenophobes pray that your kids will never have to do – ever!

They are correct about border security, it is a joke. The fence probably won’t work but I find it hard to believe that the technology to control the border does not already exist. By the way, the Mexican border is only part of the problem. We can not even identify most parts of the border with Canada. Osama could virtually walk in untouched through Maine, Vermont, Montana and numerous other states.

My problem with the illegals is that it is unfair to people who have tried to immigrate legally. However, we have to deal with the reality of the situation at hand. In the end, it is not workable to have millions of illegals not on the books and not realistic to think that we have the resources to deport even a small fraction of illegal aliens. Strong border enforcement may help stem the problem in the future but it will do nothing to address the millions already here. Also, despite what some think, we really do need legal immigration from a demographic perspective.

Is it me or does Al Gore get fatter in the summer?

I watch Big Love on HBO but still can’t understand how any guy can put up with 3 women. I would take a header into an empty swimming pool before taking on an additional wife. That is because I have the perfect wife now, and if she reads this I may get into big trouble.

Good for Bill O’Reilly for applying the proper pressure to Jet Blue and having them withdraw as a sponsor to DailyKos’s annual meeting or whatever those nuts do when they get together. These people are haters. They dream of a world that can not exist and a system centered on marxism would be an acceptable subsitute for the majority of them.

The You Tube debate was fairly boring with questions that were predictable. I will give credit to Anderson Cooper who I have not been a big fan of in the past. He would not allow the candidates to dodge the questions. Several times, he told them to stick to the question that was asked.

Lindsey Lohan – I have nothing to say. Just looking to increase traffic to rightpundits.com.

Let’s see, how many people are going to like me after reading this? None, probably. Hated from both the far left and far right. That is exactly the space that I like to inhabit.

Sam Brownback is within 40! Mikeks, a poster at Dave Wissing’s Hedgehog Report (still the gold standard), will truly appreciate that (ha ha). I think Dave removes my postings where I..uh.. sort of tease the guy.

My sympathies to Dave on his recent loss. He is a really good guy and just so happens graduated from the same university as my wife. That is not the only thing they have in common. Both are clearly smarter than me, although I am sure that everyone would agree that the bar is not exactly set very high.

Whatever happened to Dan Rather?