Today, the Competitive Enterprise Institute launches a new group, Resourceful Earth, at the Right Online conference in Minnesota this weekend to do battle against those who seek to implement job-killing legislation and regulations. The first two campaigns will target Earthworks′ No Dirty Gold, which opposes gold mining, and Oceana’s Stop the Drill, which opposes offshore oil drilling. This comes on the heels of the Barack Obama administration renewed efforts to block drilling in Alaska. Other environmental groups, promoting a decidedly Progressive-Socialist agenda, are also attacking methods to tap into oil shale, sand tar, and natural gas deposits. A film called Gasland preaches ending all drilling now with no compromises. Clearly a policy which would ruin the nation’s economy and lead to even more unemployment.

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Finding a rational balance between fulfilling the nation′s energy needs and protecting the environment is not difficult. Most technologies used today in drilling and mining are far superior to those of the past. The United States already is a world leader in such improvements, while nations like China and others are doing far more damage to their local ecosystems. Yet, groups like Earthworks and Oceana focus their attention on America as being a menace to the Earth, when the exact opposite is true. Our air and water is cleaner now and renewing landscapes and forests are practiced to the up-most, all the while creating jobs and vital resources needed.

With the Competitive Enterprise Institute launching the new organization, Resourceful Earth, this weekend at the Right Online conference in Minnesota, the voice for rational economic and environmental policy grows louder. Starting with campaigns to oppose Earthworks′ program No Dirt Gold and Oceana’s Stop the Drill, the long-term sustainability of our national prosperity and standard of living can be maintained. Already, some estimates show that as many as one million jobs have been lost just in the past year due to the Barack Obama administration′s war against the oil, coal and natural gas industries. Add to that the impact of tens of thousands of pages of Federal laws and regulations which cost American companies over $600 billion per year to comply with, it is easy to see why job creation and economic growth are doing so poorly.

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