During a mad-cap circus of a press conference, Rep. Anthony Weiner resigns. Some believe the sudden move came after former adult film actress Ginger Lee hired lawyer Gloria Allred, and Lee′s story on how Weiner wanted her to lie to the press. Others contend that it was when the National Enquirer published photos showing Anthony Weiner cross dressing as a teenager. Absent from the press conference was Weiner′s wife. Huma Abedin, who just returned from a diplomatic mission to Africa with Hillary Clinton. A good thing, too, that she was not there as Howard Stern writer, Benjy Bronk heckled Weiner during his resignation statement over the sexting scandal. Top Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and even Barack Obama believed it was time for Weiner to resign.

Anthony Weiner Cross Dressing

Pressure for the New York Democrat to resign has been building over the past three weeks as the saga of Anthony Weiner sending lewd photos using social networking formats, like his Twitter and Facebook accounts. Known as Weinergate, the story broken by Andrew Breitbart of Big Government website was made worse when Weiner first claimed his Twitter account was hacked. As more question arose, Weiner taunted the press, calling one CNN reporter a jackass on camera. Several days later, Weiner held a series of press interviews where he continued the lie about his on-line accounts being subject to a prank.

Everything changed as ABC′s Good Morning America interviewed one of the six women Weiner later admitted having “inappropriate” relations with. More lewd photos and sexting messages became public, including one showing the New York Congressman in all his glory. More women went public, as did more photos, including some taken at the Congressional gym. The possibility of facing an ethics probe, as well as losing committee positions, put Weiner′s job as a Congressman in the toilet.

So after three weeks, Anthony Weiner resigns in much the same circus as the sexting scandal began. His resignation speech sounded more like a campaign speech, as if he intends to return to public office soon. But Benjy Bronk of the Howard Stern Show had the last laugh, heckling Weiner. The fitting end to his career, Weiner′s wife Huma Abedin, a top aide to Hillary Clinton, was absent from the freak show. With the latest photos from the National Enquirer showing Anthony Weiner cross dressing, and adult film start Ginger Lee hiring lawyer Gloria Allred, there is no doubt that more lewd photos, messages and just plain dirt would become public. Weiner finally bend to the will of Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama by resigning, though it should be pointed out that Weiner technically is still a Congressman until he sends a written resignation to House Speaker John Boehner.

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