Anthony Weiner, the contentious Democratic Congressman who has been involved in a sexting scandal involving at least six women, is announcing today that he is resigning from the House, according to CNN. This presumably ends the political career of Weiner, who as recently as 2 months ago, was considered the front-runner to be elected Mayor of NYC in 2013.

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His personal history has become well-known as more details of this scandal have become exposed to us. Following graduation from college, he worked for Chuck Schumer for six years, then a Congressman. After serving one term on the NYC City Council, Weiner was first elected to Congress in 1998, replacing Schumer who was moving on to the Senate.

In the House, he proved himself to be a media magnet, saying outrageous things for the cable tv cameras. However, he was not much of an institutionalist, caring little about the sausage-making that is the legislative process; he realized that grandstanding was a much easier way of keeping your name before the public.

Last year he married a top aide to Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, who is now pregnant with their child. Bill Clinton officiated at the marriage ceremony.

Weiner tried a number of tactics to avoid having to resign his seat. First, as almost always in these cases, he tried denial and claimed that it was a dirty trick and that someone had hacked into his Twitter account. The mainstream media accepted this, as they did not want to alienate one of their more favored guests; unfortunately, when he asserted that he did not know if the picture was of his own private parts, everyone knew that he was lying.

He has since tried a number of other strategies to hold onto his seat, including taking a poll of his constituents to reveal that he was beloved by them, having Charles Rangel attest to Weiner’s ethical behavior, and finally leaking that his wife was pregnant. Finally, he announced that he was going into rehabilitation, but could not clarify for how long or for what. None of these seemed to work very well, though. Eventually, the Democratic leadership in the House all went public to try to force him to resign. His aides said that he wanted to wait until his wife returned to this nation to make his decision. She returned yesterday; he will resign today.