Watching some of the Casey Anthony trial, I have come away with only one thought, Casey Anthony elected Barack Obama as President of the United States. True, I don′t know who, or even if, she actually voted in the 2008 elections. But what is obvious is how Casey Anthony represents a lost generation of ignorant young people whom are totally clueless. Just as she had neither the responsibility nor maturity to have and raise a child, she and those like-minded have no business voting.

Casey Anthony Barack Obama

We have long seen how Democrats and the more insidious Progressives use and manipulate the youth of America. Whether at the ballot box or in street protests, empty-headed young people are quickly mobilized to carry out the bidding of their Liberal-Socialist masters. The likes of Al Gore and Van Jones visit schools and campuses, preaching their message to children and young adults that they know better than their parents. But the facts are, young people, especially under the age of 30, typically have no idea what they are talking about. They parrot back whatever slogan or phrase they think will make them intellectual or cool, without knowing whether what they say is true or not.

This is how Barack Obama was elected in 2008. Dummies like Casey Anthony, on trial for allegedly murdering her 2-year old daughter just so mommy could go out and play at night clubs, flocked to the polls and voted for Obama. Never mind the facts that Obama had no real executive experience and avoided taking any real stances on any subject. His entire campaign was built on feelings and subjective rhetoric. A new study, which only repeats facts from a previous study in 2006, show that most school-aged children in America are not proficient in American history, let alone math and science. Only 12% of high school seniors got passing grades on history. This is exactly the audience played to by Obama and the Democrats, who deliberately want our children to be as stupid as possible in order to stay in power.

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