The school board voted and approved in Los Angeles a milk ban, forbidding the sale of chocolate and strawberry flavored milk in schools throughout the Los Angeles Unified School District. The 5 to 2 vote was inspired by British celebrity TV chef Jamie Oliver. Along with the flavored milks, breaded food items, such as corn dogs and chicken nuggets, are also off the school menu. While the move is applauded by the American Dietetic Association, which supports pure vegan diets for children. Other groups, like the American Heart Association. Point out that the health benefits of milk outweigh the sugar content. School superintendent John Deasy spoke out on the matter last April. School board member Tamar Galatzan, said “I don′t know why we are letting a TV chef dictate our policy. I think we are demonizing milk.”

los angeles milk ban

Once known as “The Naked Chef”, Jamie Oliver has a new series, ″Jamie Oliver′s Food Revolution″, where he attacks school menus for contributing to childhood obesity and other diseases. He is not alone as First Lady Michelle Obama also is waging war against food choices for children. This while she eats triple-chocolate ice cream blizzards and sundaes and serves deep dish pizza and a wide range of pork dishes at the White House. But it all looks good before the TV cameras, as such Nanny-State hand-wringing adds the illusion of genuine concern. Oliver is no better, as he promotes young children should be eating sushi rolls, bean sprouts and spinach wraps, foods which are notorious for contamination by E. coli and other bacteria.

The Los Angeles milk ban on chocolate and strawberry flavored milk is just the latest assault on food choice. While chef Jamie Oliver may make hay, and plenty of money, off of such crusading, we see once again why public education is failing in America. The Los Angeles Unified School District recently spent over $500 million dollars to build a single school, while recent test scores show a massive lack of proficiency in American history and other subjects. John Deasy and other school superintendents should be ashamed of themselves. If more time were focused on actually education, and less with whining from groups like the American Dietetic Association, which wants to turn all children into pure vegans, maybe America would not be the laughing stock of the world. Of course, that will continue to be the case so long as Michelle and Barack Obama occupy the White House and force their agenda down our throats.

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