Last night on Sean Hannity′s show on the Fox News Channel, political pollster Frank Luntz weighed in with his own focus group that watched Monday night′s GOP Presidential Debate. Hands down, the favorite of the evening was Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. Luntz gathered a group of 28 people, half of whom were Democrats who had voted for Barack Obama in 2008, the other half Republicans who had voted for John McCain. Bachmann scored best between both groups, especially during her answer opposing same-sex marriages. Her message about her own experiences, including raising 5 of her own children, plus 23 foster children, connected well with both Democrats and Republicans.

michele bachmann

Nearly all of the 28 participants believed that Michele Bachmann was the most impressive of the seven GOP presidential candidates who debated in Manchester, New Hampshire Monday night. Many made it quite clear that they find her far more palatable than former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin. Even though both ladies share similar views, it would seem that voters might be more inclined to support Bachmann than Palin.

Other tid-bits gleaned from Luntz′s focus group is that four of the 14 Democrats who had voted for Obama in 2008 have already decided not to vote for him again in 2012. Only two gave Obama an ′A′ for his job performance. Most gave him a ′D′ or and ′F′. So it would seem that Obama will have a harder time this next election convincing the faithful to support him.

During Monday night′s GOP presidential debate, Michele Bachmann scored best among the candidates with the focus group organized by pollster Frank Luntz. The results were aired last night with Sean Hannity on the Fox News Network. Bachmann announced her filing the paperwork on Monday during the debate, and added that her formal entry into the race will be coming within the next two weeks. She could prove to be a real contender, especially in some of the early primary and caucus states like Iowa and South Carolina. Her conservative credentials are solid, as is her popularity with the Tea Party movement. Two things alleged front-runner Mitt Romney cannot claim.

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