According to a Wall Street Journal report, Scott′s Miracle-Gro is eager to enter the medical marijuana market. Top executive Jim Hagedorn says “I want to target the pot market,” and adds, “There’s no good reason we haven’t.” So does the Scott CEO have ′high′ expectations, or is the a real niche to be filled? Sixteen states now allow legal medical marijuana use, many even allowing users to grow their own medicine. The potential market just this year is estimated to be near $1.7 billion dollars in the United States. Imagine walking into a Home Depot, Lowes or Wal-Mart and acquiring specially formulated fertilizers and potting soil for growing cannabis.

medical marijuana market

In California, the world′s first medical marijuana super-store opened recently, providing customers with a complete range of products and services for growing. Known as weGrow, the first stores opened earlier this year in Sacramento and Oakland. The California-based company opened their first weGrow in Phoenix, Arizona on June 2. In addition to soil, growing lights and other hardware and supplies, the stores also have a doctor on site to examine patients and issue any initial medical paperwork to help patients get approval for their marijuana permits. Franchises in other states are expected to open soon.

Talk about ′green jobs′, the marijuana and hemp industries are in a growth-mode. Hemp-based clothing and paper products are increasing in popularity. Since only a small portion of the actual plant is used for medical marijuana purposes, a wide range of products and uses for the rest of the plant are being investigated, including as biomass for energy production.

So it is no wonder that Scott Miracle-Gro wants in on the medical marijuana market. There is money to be made and they are already in a position to produce and distribute products. The Wall Street Journal spoke with top executive Jim Hagedorn who says there is no good reason not to get into the pot market. Sixteen of the United States already allow for legal use and that number is expected to increase. Scott is well situated with shelf-space at Home Depot, Lowes and Wal-Mart to take advantage of the $1.7 Billion dollar industry.

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