We at Rightpundits.com believe that our readers should be kept abreast of current trends of social significance. Toward that end,The Hill is reporting today about a new feminist trend called SlutWalking, which encourages women to dress scantily, wearing only underwear, lingerie, micro-mini skirts and boots. A video analysis of this movement follows.

How did this trend begin, you might ask. It turns out that a police officer was providing a lecture to provide information about avoiding sexual assaults at York University in Toronto. The officer told the women in the audience that if they wanted to avoid being raped, they shouldn’t dress like sluts. Word quickly spread about the insensitivity of this remark; at first, there were protests. Then, women decided to fight back by SlutWalking, to make it clear that whatever women wear, rape is always inexcusable.

This movement has caused a dispute among feminists. Old-line feminists contend that women’s liberation was meant to draw attention towards women’s minds and away from their bodies. A newer wave of feminism argues instead that they are making the case that there is not really a relationship between the attire that women wear and the likelihood that they will be sexually assaulted.

An interesting thing to me is that this divergence in attitudes mirrors so many other things in this internet age. Now that it is easy for individuals to get in touch with each other, there is less need for elites to serve as gatekeepers to determine for the rest of us which attitudes should be maintained. We see that many of our institutions are deemed to be less useful now than in previous eras, when average individuals needed them to frame their own ideas.

For decades, old-line feminism has found it difficult to recruit activists. Perhaps a reason for this is that they were unable to allow any new concepts to penetrate their organizations. Thus, only those who were part of the original feminist movement found much to be offered in their organizations.