Conservative comedian Steven Crowder does a great job today of tearing away the false veneer of objectivity that left-wing comedian Jon Stewart tries to drape around himself on his Comedy Network cable TV show.

Crowder got in contact with The Daily Show and they sent back an email that said they “never hire conservatives.” This pretty much convinces anyone caring to pay attention that Jon Stewart is a left-winger, one who doesn’t want to hear from conservatives, and that his supposed reputation for being unbiased and non-partisan is so much stuff and nonsense.

Notice the letter didn’t say that Stewart doesn’t hire people with a bias. Notice that the letter only said that they don’t hire conservatives. Obviously there is no such proscription against liberal commentators.

As Crowder notes, Stewart has many times attacked Fox News and other commentators for being sell outs to particular ideologies. He’s claimed that “the people” need someone to advocate for them. Stewart claims that he is that man, the one that treads the path of an unbiased social commentator. But it is pretty plain that he is just as biased as those he attacks.

Me, I personally bristle when people say he does a “news show.” Folks, he is on The Comedy Channel. They do… well… COMEDY! They do not do news. Stewart does not do news. He is doing left-wing comedy. Don’t let yourself be fooled into thinking he is an unbiased source for news.

Is there anything wrong with liking his show? Certainly not. Just don’t let the wool be pulled over your eyes that he is doing anything other than selling a left-wing agenda disguised as “news.” Funny it might be, but news it ain’t.