Harold Camping, the radio preacher who predicted the end of the world on 5/21, had a major stroke last Thursday at his home. The 89 year old evangelist was admitted to a hospital in Oakland, California, and is expected to be released later today.

Camping had flown under the radar of a number of us until his merry band of followers took his prediction seriously earlier this year and sold all of their property and goods to contribute to his ministry which presumably would guarantee that they would be saved from the devastation that would visit the rest of you (I took the wise step of visiting Canada at the time, which I assumed would keep me safe). They then motorcaded from across the nation to the picturesque city of Oakland where they waited for the Armageddon together.

When May 21 came and went and the world kept on spinning around, Camping redid the math for his prediction. It turns out that he made some slight error and that the world will actually end now on October 21, less than 5 months from now. When he made this new, improved prediction, he also released the news that his ministry, Family Radio, had spent over $100 million to prepare his followers for last month’s end of the world. The only reason to tell the world how much they spent is to try to get more donations. The question is, since his devoted fans gave away of their goods for last month’s event, how many of them can afford to throw more money at this exposed charlatan? Also, of those who still have some funds left, how many are willing to divest themselves to this math-challenged holy man?

At the very least, this event sort of promotes the adage that God works in mysterious ways.