The list of Capitol Hill’s most beautiful people in politics has been revealed. Nancy Pelosi makes the list at #4, which might tell us something about the babes on Capitol Hill. See all the photos of the top 10 public service women and men.

Beautiful women and men made the list. That is right. In the metrosexual culture of Washingon DC, three men are wonderfully beautiful. Just who did they sleep with to achieve their positions of manly rank? We think this is a bridge too far for even Bill Clinton. Ah, but there was a fellow named Mark Foley.

Never mind. Kidding, okay? Let us proceed without further delay to the list of Capitol Hill’s most beautiful people.

You can blow each of them (up) with a simple click of your mouse upon the photos.

A partisan will note that Democrats beat Republicans 6-4 among the beautiful people. Apparently The Hill has calculated the prevailing political winds this year and decided to pay homage (read suck up) to Speaker Pelosi and her Democratic team. At least pretty Democratic men outnumber the pretty Republican men, 2-1, so there is some encouragement for the GOP in this vital statistic.