Mitt Romney, in anticipation of his first Republican Presidential debate (we will have a live feed here as well as a lively discussion), has released an ad that goes after President Obama based on his stewardship (or lack thereof) of the nation’s economy. The video of the ad can be seen below.

Mitt Romney 1

Earlier this month, as we recall, Obama delivered a speech where he said that there ‘will be some bumps on the road to recovery.’ Mitt has incorporated that line into his basic stump speech. He says, ‘that’s not a bump, that’s Americans.’ The ad continues that theme, with a number of people lying in the middle of the road; each one gets up and announces ‘I’m an American, not a bump in the road.’

I think that this is an effective ad, since the lack of growth in the economy is clearly Obama’s Achilles’ heel. A problem that he may encounter, though, is that he is employing what I call the Hillary Clinton strategy. Early on, while running for the Democratic nomination in 2008, she acted as if the other candidates weren’t there, and ran a number of ads that attacked the Bush administration. While she was doing this, a number of the other Democrats weakened her support within the party, making her vulnerable.

It’s unclear to me if Republicans will go after Romney in the same manner, at least until Perry decides whether to enter. However, Pawlenty’s interview yesterday, where he introduced the pejorative term, ‘Obamneycare’, would seem to indicate that Mitt won’t get a free ride tonight.

Photo: Rinaldi