Speaker of the House John Boehner told an Anthony Weiner joke during his OSU commencement speech on Saturday. Boehner commented about the many ways people say his name but added, “Thank God it′s not Weiner.” That got a few laughs from the 40,000 Ohio State University graduates, family and friends. Meanwhile, new Weiner photos of him posing at the Congressional gym hit the Internet, as well as text from an exchange of lewd messages Weiner made with a school teacher from Georgia who wanted to see him, promising to “I will make time for you soon.” This comes while his wife Huma Abedin continues to travel with her boss, Hillary Clinton in Africa.

boehner weiner joke speech

Speculation is running high that Anthony Weiner may resign later this week, after his wife returns on Wednesday. Weiner will be absent as Congress returns to work today, reported on a temporary leave of absence seeking some form of treatment. It is bad enough that the guy is taking photos of himself shirtless, if not naked, and sending them to women. The expression on his face in the Weiner lewd photos is generally a stern, almost angry look, as if he is playing the ′bad-boy′ image to the full degree. There is certainly something very disturbing going on inside his brain.

The Sunday talk shows paraded a gaggle of Congressmen who all agree that Weiner must resign. But if you are Chris Matthews of MSNBC, not only do you blame Huma Abedin for Anthony Weiner and his lewd photos and text messages, but also all Christians for finding them offensive. The situation is simply getting out of control.

So is it any wonder that Speaker John Boehner told a Weiner joke at his speech at OSU? Weiner is a joke, he was long before the sexting scandal began with Weiner sending lewd photos to women. Weiner had joked about John Boehner′s name, so turn about is fair play as Boehner jokes about Weiner′s name. At least Boehner did not give a dramatic reading of Weiner text messages as Jon Stewart and Glee′s Jane Lynch did.

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