Tim Pawlenty is one of only two GOP contenders that have a nation-wide ground game and it looks like he’s starting to go on the attack against Mitt Romney, the other Republican with a nation-wide organization. On Fox News Sunday today he attacked Romney’s disastrous healthcare bill that he signed when Governor of Massachusetts head on calling the legislation “ObamneyCare.”

With one phrase he was able to link Romney’s healthcare law directly to the hated Obamacare legislation. It was clever, but it shows that Pawlenty feels that Romney is not only the guy to beat, he’s vulnerable as well.

Pawlenty began his Fox News Sunday visit by reminding everyone that even President Obama claimed that his legislation encompassed a lot of the ideas that Mitt Romney instituted in Massachusetts. He also firmly rejects an individual mandate, says he did so as Governor of Minnesota, and he said that we should repeal Obamacare in its entirety.

There is a small problem with TPaw’s claim of always being against the individual mandate. Back in 2006 Pawlenty praised Romeny’s legislation and said that he was “open” to the idea of a mandate and that a “mandate by itself is potentially helpful.” That would argue that he wasn’t as negative toward the mandate as he tried to make Fox News Sunday viewers believe.

The truth is TPaw is being a bit disingenuous about his perpetual disregard for a mandate. However, it should be noted that when the rubber met the road, Pawlenty and his state did not go with an individual mandate and chose more market based plans. So, while he once did give some lip service to the mandate potentially being a good idea, he ended up rejecting it. That much is also certain.

There is one meme floating around about TPaw’s path to the White House. This is the last-man-standing meme where he becomes the nominee because the other guys fall away one by one until he is literally the last qualified guy in the hunt.

This is a logical construction of possible events. After all, except for Mitt, TPaw is the only guy left that was an active and able Governor. None of the rest have that experience. And it is widely assumed that Mitt simply has too many negatives with the base to win the primary. That would leave TPaw the most qualified guy in the race (By the way, I still assume Palin will not run).

Of course, Pawlenty is widely considered the most boring guy in the race, too. But after the sham show of Mr. Hope-n-change and the web of charismatic lies he spread, maybe boring is just what we need?