Fox News is reporting that Congressman Anthony Weiner is now being investigated by police in New Castle, Delaware to determine the nature of the communications that he has had with a 17 year old high school junior who resides there. They are also trying to find out how many other minors he has been ‘interacting’ with using his Twitter account.

490px Anthony Weiner  official portrait  112th Congress

This afternoon, the police arrived at the girl’s home and met with her and her mother to discuss the allegations. The girl’s involvement with the Congressman began with a school trip to DC on April 1, when the civic-minded Representative spoke to the class. He signed up as a follower of hers on Twitter about two weeks later. I’m sure that her curiosity about our nation’s political future piqued Weiner’s interest in her.

Weiner, who is a newlywed with a pregnant wife, may have upped his disgrace level to a new level if these charges prove true. Thus far, he has admitted sending inappropriate phone and online communications to at least six women. In this new case, Weiner denies sending any inappropriate communications to the juvenile that were either explicit or indecent. Weiner, who has a pretty clear history of lying about this whole series of events until the evidence is disclosed, may have a problem getting very many people to believe his denials here.

Since he sent the Twitter photo of his bulges to all of his followers instead of merely the 21 year old intended recipient, we can be pretty sure that he sent it to this teenage girl, and any other minor who made the mistake of following the New York Congressman. We can be pretty sure that, unless he leaves the House soon, public hearings will soon be held that will cause many of his fellow Democrats to castigate him. But since he has no sense of shame, it is unclear that he cares at this point what anyone does or says.

An unintended benefit of this whole grisly series of events is that Weiner’s mentor, Senator Chuck Schumer, has shied away from interviews for the first time in his career.