The Daily Caller has an interesting interview with the chief of what is reputed to be the leading Tea Party organization in America, FreedomWorks. Matt Kibbe, the president of FreedomWorks, said that Tea Party conservatives are having a major problem supporting Mitt Romney, not just in the primaries but also if he were to become the party nominee.

If this is true, it would seem to make Romney’s path to the White House problematic. If Mitt can’t get the conservative base out to help him defeat Obama, there isn’t likely any way he can win election to the presidency.

Kibbee, author of Give Us Liberty, A Tea Party Manifesto, told Alex Pappas, “I believe in redemption, but at some point, you sort of give up and we’ve given up on Mitt Romney.”

Kibbe’s complaints, of course, reflect not just the feeling in the halls of FreedomWorks, but in the whole of the conservative electorate. Conservatives have for years been complaining about Romney’s flip flopping. Mitt has the reputation among conservatives of having been on both sides of every important issue in the last few decades.

Worse, Romney just announced that he is a believer in man-made global warming, a stand that has outraged conservatives everywhere.

Some in the conservative blogosphere are taking this to mean that FreedomWorks will be working against Mitt Romney. However, I am sure this is not the case. I know several people at FW and they all tell me that they are focusing on down ticket races for Congress and Senate, not the race for president. I doubt we’ll see FW spending its resources on trying to defeat Mitt Romney.

Knowing them as I do, my guess is they don’t see any of the candidates as a fit for the title of conservative leader, so they are going to put their efforts where they think they can make a difference — races for the House and the Senate.

In fact, the interview has a segment to this effect. The Daily Caller quotes FW staffer Adam Brandon who worries that if conservatives stay home on election day if Romney were to become the GOP nominee that could hurt down ticket races. “We’ve got so many great House candidates we got to defend,” he said. “So many great Senate candidates we’ve got to win.”

Still, as a conservative myself, I feel their pain on this Romney business. Romney would certainly be a better president than Barack Obama by every measure. But Romney is no conservative leader and his history of being pushed by the political winds is not inspiring at all.