It’s time once again to review how the Intrade odds have changed in the last month for the Republican Presidential nomination. Here are the latest odds for each candidate; in parentheses is the change from last month’s update.

Mitt Romney 29.8% (+5.1)

Tim Pawlenty 18.5% (+2.2)

Jon Huntsman 13.0% (+7.1)

Rick Perry 11.5% (+11.5)

Sarah Palin 5.7% (+ .4)

Michelle Bachmann 5.3% (-1.1)

Herman Cain 3.4% (+3.4)

Rudy Giuliani 2.7% (+2.7)

Chris Christie 2.4% (+2.4)

Ron Paul 2.3% (- .7)

Wow, what an interesting month! We’ve seen a number of those who were among the front-runners decide that they weren’t going to enter the fray. Last month, Daniels was in third place, Huckabee was in fourth, and Trump was in fifth. They’re all just footnotes to this campaign now.

Where has their support gone? The three biggest gainers were Rick Perry, who has moved from nowhere to 11.5% , Huntsman, who gained 7.1%, and Romney, who moved up 5.1%. I’d guess that Perry has been the beneficiary of Huckabee’s decision not to run; likewise, Romney and Huntsman gained from Daniels’ judgment to not enter the race. I have no idea who has taken Trump’s support since I can’t figure out why people backed him to begin with. Perhaps Heidi Klum will choose to run, and Trump’s supporters will gravitate to her (Arriba will gladly join them, at least for a while).

Another interesting feature from this month’s odds is that some candidates who remain in the race actually have worse odds on their nomination than in May, although some of the top candidates have left. This list includes Bachmann and Paul. I figure that Bachmann is waiting for Palin to announce her decision not to run and assumes that she’ll get much of her support. Good luck with that, Michelle. As long as Sarah is being paid by Fox, she’ll remain non-committal. I can’t determine what is going on with Ron Paul. I think it was probably a mistake for him to run again instead of allowing Johnson to be the Libertarian candidate this time; in 2016, Rand could run.