In Madison, Wisconsin, the Special Olympics was to be honored at an event at the state capitol. Governor Scott Walker would give a speech in support of the important work done by the Special Olympics. But the event became a magnet, attracting union thugs and protesters, many dressed up as zombies. Covered with fake blood, these hideous monsters interfered with the Special Olympics, forming a barrier and blocking the view of the children there to be honored. Other union protesters chanted and carried signs, some with vulgar and obscene messages, despite the large number of children in the vicinity. Yet again, another indication of the shamelessness of public employee unions and their Socialist supporters.

union zombies special olympics

It was bad enough when union protesters took control of the Wisconsin state Capitol Building earlier this year during a stand off between the governor and Democrat Senators over the state budget. For weeks, thousands of protesters trashed the building, causing tens of thousands of dollars worth of damages. Many of the protesters who were public school teachers acquired bogus doctor statements in order to get sick pay. Some even coerced their students to participate under false pretenses.

If union skullduggery against handicap children is too much to bear, The Pirates Cove has an article about the new immigration law in Alabama. Over at The Jawa Report, a Somali-American is charged with aiding terrorists. Meanwhile, Sister Toldjah wonders what goes on inside the Newt Gingrich campaign after yesterday′s mass exodus? Mikeb302000 has some video about the Anthony Weiner scandal.

The folks at NetRightDaily have a piece about the EPA. Power Line looks into the latest attacks against Sarah Palin. More about Anthony Weiner at Althouse. At New Zeal there is a piece concerning connections between Leon Pannetta and the Communist Party, just the sort of thing you′d expect from a Democrat head of the CIA or Pentagon.

Yes, there is a lot of crazy news out there. Perhaps the craziest is how union thugs dressed as zombies invaded a Special Olympics event in Madison, Wisconsin and ruined the day for many children. Yet another sign that not only are Liberals insane, but they are just plain, unhappy people whom want the rest of the world to suffer with them.