As Arizona wildfires continue to spread, threatening New Mexico and vital electrical power lines to Texas, there appears to be little concern or interest from Barack Obama. Known as the Arizona Wallow fire, over 600 square miles of forest have been burnt, creating a cloud of smoke that affecting air quality deep in the MidWest. But much like the recent wildfires in Texas, there seems to be little interest from the Obama administration. No declarations of disaster zones. Not even a photo-op visit to the region.

arizona wildfires

Could this be the result of politics, as Arizona has become a thorn in the side of the Obama White House over the issue illegal immigration? Many speculate that the lack of Federal response in Texas during their battle with wildfires stems from the grief Governor Rick Perry is causing the Obama administration over border security, job creation and the health care mandates. Around one-third of all jobs created in the past two years have been in Texas, a right to work state that attracts businesses with low tax rates.

In the case of the Arizona wildfires, many blame Federal environmental laws, which prevent proper thinning of forested areas of brush and dead wood, the ideal kindling for such forest fires. The fires in Arizona could have been avoided altogether with better land management methods, but these have been blocked by the Federal government. Old growth logging is forbidden in many areas due to the Mexican spotted owl, which is on the endangered species list.

While the Arizona wildfires continue to rage, Barack Obama appears not interested in the plight of those facing hardships from the Arizona Wallow fire. With clouds of smoke now affecting the air quality in many states across the MidWest, the the fires threatening vital electrical power lines for New Mexico and Texas, Obama is doing nothing about it. Just as in the case of the Texas wildfires, Obama is not lifting a finger to help.

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