Rick Perry, who recently won re-election for Texas Governor, is considering entering the race for the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination, according to an article today in the Wall Street Journal. Perry is concerned that the current field of candidates doesn’t stir excitement among Republican voters and, therefore, will not fare well when running against President Barack Obama next November.

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Photo by Gage Skidmire

Perry believes that he has a number of assets that the other candidates lack. Since the recession began, Texas has added more jobs than any other state. Since the election is likely to be based upon the economy, he feels that this would add to his vote-getting potential. He also has access to many prominent Republican donors, who were essential to the bid of George Bush in 2000. He is more than acceptable to social conservatives and plans to schedule a day of prayer and fasting this summer that will concentrate on healing the moral deficits in our nation. He is also a favorite of many tea party advocates, because of his outspoken advocacy for state’s rights and his opposition to Obama’s health care and economic plans. He is a favorite of Rush Limbaugh who may still be able to induce much of the primary electorate to follow his wishes.

He also has a number of problems if he chooses to run. In 2009, he made the news by calling for Texas to secede from the union if federal mandates continue becoming more burdensome. Although this may play well in the Deep South, it is hard for voters in other parts of the nation to accept and may be a difficult position to explain away. He is Governor of Texas. Although the memory of voters is limited, it is probable that many of them still do not remember fondly the last governor of the Lone Star state who was President. Also, his top two political aides believed him when he stated that he would not seek the office, and then signed onto the campaign of Newt Gingrich.

Newt is in the midst of a vacation, and may be leaving the campaign shortly. He made a number of gaffes (which were not entirely unanticipated), and was unlikely to be chosen for the nomination even if he had found the mute button on his mouth after he declared for the Presidential nod. If he decides to return to Fox News, then the two aides would likely return to Perry, and make his decision to enter the race easier.