Sometimes a person is held accountable for his words. Ward Churchill was fired today by the University of Colorado Board of Regents.

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At least officially, Churchill was not fired for infamously comparing innocent World Trade Center victims to “little Eichmanns.” Adolph Eichmann, of course, organized the Holocaust. That academic nonsense was included in a presentation he gave that set off a firestorm of well-deserved negative publicity and unwanted academic scrutiny.

He might have been fired for inciting violence, but on a college campus apparently professors have the right to yell fire in a crowded movie theater.

Instead, Churchill was investigated after a string of his academic fabrications and plagiarism came to light. The vote of the regents was 8-1 after concluding Ward Churchill engaged in academic misconduct. So you see, a little craving for attention can result in unintended consequences. What goes around comes around for Ward Churchill.

A rag-tag group of protesters with bongo drums held a rally for Churchill while he was being dismissed by the University of Colorado regents. Just say “free speech” and the nuts of the world will unite behind any cause no matter how petty.

The irony to me is that Ward Churchill will challenge his firing in court, while the Islamic militants he comforts continue to behead those who disagree with them.

Some are amused that anyone would protest the firing of an Ethnic Studies professor for any reason. The University of Colorado is wasting valuable resources on a useless program that is offensive to American values by its very nature, but that is the culture we live in today. All of the major university campuses offer this job-killing trap to students.

Somehow I think the students will be better served without Ward Churchill. And after all, that is the goal of education rather than the ego-satisfaction of mediocre professors.