New York Democrat Rep. Anthony Weiner is just the latest of politicians who admitted scandals. Weiner finally admitted yesterday that he has sent inappropriate photos and messages to at least six different women after the story was broke by Andrew Breitbart and his Big Government website. Another NY Congressman, Chris Lee, a Republican, resigned immediately within hours after released a photo that Lee took of himself being shirtless to send to women on the Internet. From John Edwards, who rejected a plea deal in his upcoming trial, to Bill Clinton, to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elliot Spitzer and Newt Gingrich, is it any wonder that America is becoming less trusting in their government with leaders like these? Has the time come for Voluntaryism is replace our current political system?

politicians who admitted scandals

Yesterday, Weiner came clean, or so he says, when at least one of the six different women, Meagan Broussard, went public, telling her story to Big Government and to ABC News. A clear pattern of behavior has emerged, where Anthony Weiner was sending photos of himself to women he ′met′ on social networks like Facebook. He seems to targeting young women, particularly either college-aged and single mothers, like a predator seeking easy prey. While he claims he has never met nor had any physical relations with any of these six different women during the past three years, there seems little doubt that he did engage in phone sex and other lewd behavior with some.

So why is it that such men of power seem to fall into these vile patterns of behavior? Before the Internet, politicians would engage in infidelity, often with staff, campaign supporters or just the run of the mill prostitute. In by-gone days, such scandals would ruin a man′s political career immediately. But, in the last 20 years, we see a new trend emerging, life after scandal. Bill Clinton is more popular now than ever before. Elliot Spitzer has his own TV show. Newt Gingrich is running for president! Who can say what is going through John Edwards′ brain? Is there no shame anymore? Dominique Strauss-Kahn, former IMF chief is facing criminal rape charges for allegedly attacking a hotel maid. The man was considered to potentially be the next president of France. Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is mired in a series of scandals, ranging from run of the mill corruption allegations to having sex with teenage girls. So the phenomenon is not just an American one.

Is it any wonder why the world is in the mess it is in? With bozos like these calling the shots, making decisions for us, the Earth is doomed! Or is it? After all, throughout history, most leaders have behaved badly. We have read the failings of the likes of King David to Henry VIII, and the same pattern of the corruption and abuse of power is always there. French statesman Georges Clemenceau once said that war is too important to be left to the generals during World War One. Have we reached the stage in political evolution that governance is too important to be left to the politicians? Is it time to consider a new political system where individuals govern themselves without the structure and power-trappings of an actual government?

While some may call it anarchy, there is a model that is growing in popularity – Voluntaryism. Call it Libertarians on steroids, Voluntaryists push the envelope of a new, dynamic form of individual self-governance. The idea is very simple, a political structure based on social contracts. These are entered into freely by individuals, without the use of threats, force or coercion. A stateless society where communal needs are met through free-market, capitalistic contracts to provide essential services. Government takes on the form of a utility to be consumed rather than a center for power and law.

With people like New York Democrat Rep. Anthony Weiner joining the ranks of politicians who admitted scandals, why should we trust him, or anybody for that matter, with making decisions for us? A republic has been considered a better form of government than a pure democracy, as they tend to degenerate into simple mob rule. But with bozos like Weiner, Gingrich, Spitzer, Clinton or Schwarzenegger abusing representative government, is a republic still a valid alternative? When guys like Weiner are sending lewd photos to six different women, and the only one brave enough to expose their actions are folks like Andrew Breitbart of Big Government, has the concept of the republic run its course and awaits its turn to join the scrap heap of history? If there is a new ′Great Awakening′ on the horizon, where people are seriously examining the notion of self-governance, has the time come for a new dynamic model, such as Voluntaryism to take root?

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