Glenn Beck has announced that his last show on Fox News will be on June 30. Since joining the Fox News Channel, The Glenn Beck Show quickly rose to become the highest rated cable news program for his time slot on 5pm Eastern during weekdays. His ratings are still more than double that of CNN and MSNBC combined. During the ′hey-day′ of the Obama stimulus and health care debates, Beck′s ratings were second only to Bill O′Reilly’s “The O′Reilly Factor”. Some of Glenn′s special Friday programs, such as the first few “Founder′s Fridays”, where Beck delved into the lost or ignored history of our Founding Fathers had more than 3 million viewers. Nearly beating other pure entertainment programing on cable during the 5pm time slot.

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Glenn Beck will end his 5pm show on the Fox News Channel on June 30. Image Credit: Ray Garbo/

Despite critics who claim that there is a rift between Beck and Fox News executives, the real story is that Glenn is moving on to other projects. As he says himself, Beck is currently “preaching to the choir”, as it were. His current audience on Fox News is already armed and engaged to carry on the fight to restore America′s core values. Glenn has also shifted the theme of his program since January, veering away from the usual politics and focusing more promoting individual and local growth and achievement. A recent example of how tornado ravaged Joplin, Missouri received more initial aide and assistance from neighboring communities and churches, demonstrates how true American values, such as charity, are far superior to government entitlements and welfare.

Glenn Beck will still do some special projects with Fox News until the end of the year, but his 5pm weekday show will end on June 30. Glenn is moving himself and family to Texas. One can imagine that much, if not all of his business enterprises, such as Mercury Radio Arts, will also relocate there. Beck has also launched a new website,, to help promote small businesses and provide savings to consumers. He will be focusing more on his Internet operations, including the news website, The Blaze, and Beck TV, which features talent such as S. E. Cupp. He will be doing a 2-hour show himself on GBTV, charging only $9.95 a month to subscribe. Personally, I will miss watching Glenn Beck. His 5pm TV show on the Fox News Channel has been like no other program before, mixing current events, history and religion. I have described it before as like watching an experiment in Feng Shui, where Glenn Beck mentally rearranges his rocks, or data points, connecting the dots to provide us with ‘The Big Picture’. Best wishes to Glenn Beck!


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