It may not have been the ‘mother of all press conferences’, but U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner has admitted to sending lewd photos over Twitter and lying about it. The scene this afternoon at the Sheraton Hotel in New York City was electric as the press awaited Weiner. Andrew Breitbart, who just happened to be in town promoting his book, Righteous Indignation, popped by and was coaxed by the press to take the podium. Anthony Weiner was to talk about lewd pictures he had tweeted to women he met through social networks like Facebook at 4pm EDT. Breitbart spoke until 4:21pm, demanding an apology from the New York Democrat for accusing him of hacking his Twitter account.

Rep Anthony Weiner

Weinergate exploded on the scene two Fridays ago after a lewd photo of Anthony Weiner in his underwear was sent to a 21-year old college student in Seattle, Washington. Weiner immediately denied sending the picture and claimed his Twitter account had been hacked. However, despite computer hacking being a Federal crime, he never filed a complaint to the Capitol police, nor the FBI. Instead, Weiner went on the offensive, being the arrogant jackass that he is, blaming Andrew Breitbart for making the story public.

Last week Wednesday, as the story had yet to go away, Weiner did a series of news interviews from his Congressional office, continuing to deny sending the lewd photo. But he made some comments, opening the door to further questions about the possibility of other pictures of him being on the Internet.

At today′s press conference, Weiner finally came clean, more or less, admitting that he did in fact send the underwear image to the college student, “as a joke”. Oh really? A joke, huh? He admitted that he had lied to his wife, family, staff, supporters and to the press about the incident. He further admitted that over the past three years, he had had inappropriate relations with six women, some after his marriage to Huma Abedin last summer, but never met any in person. That he only told his wife the truth this morning, and told his staff the truth this afternoon. But has he told all of the truth? According to the Daily Mail, he had exchanged provocative emails with a 22-year old intern back in 2001 and did attempt to arrange a physical meeting.

ABC News reports tonight that a 26-year old Texas woman has received hundreds of explicit messages with the 46-year old congressman just since April 20 of this year, including racy photos! Breitbart announced at the press conference that he was in possession of a particular explicit photo that he described as “vulgar”. Breitbart went on to denounce the Far-Left media for attacking him, as they chant “Breitbart lies!” Well, the truth is, Anthony Weiner is the liar here, and still may be lying.

Weiner denies using official resources of the U.S. House of Representatives to carry out his inappropriate behavior. But one of the six women whom have come forward claims that after giving Weiner her phone number, he called her and had phone-sex with her for some 30 minutes. When she tried calling him back, she got a recorded message that the number she dialed was an out-bound-only line for the U.S. Congress. So the possibility that Weiner may have used his office for such purposes is real. In addition, his use of his office to engage in the cover-up last week is certainly a fact to be investigated by the House Ethics Committee.

U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner is facing the curtain call. Once considered a potential mayor of New York City, his political career is now in free-fall. Weiner today admitted to sending lewd photos and messages using his Twitter account to at least six women over the past three years. His wife, Huma Abedin, an aide to Hillary Clinton, was not at the press conference. The shameless, arrogant New York Democrat will probably not survive the coming storm as more pictures, stories and women become public. As Andrew Breitbart put it today during his impromptu press conference, the actions of Anthony Weiner are a disgrace to the United States government, subjecting Weiner to the potential of blackmail. Weiner may not admit he is a degenerate, but he clearly is and must be drummed out of office immediately.

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