In another strike against freedom, democracy, and American traditions a Texas court has decided that a Texas High School cannot have a prayer during its upcoming graduation ceremonies. Not only that, but according to this judge speakers are even barred from saying the words “join in prayer,” “bow their heads,” “amen,” and “prayer.” So now, according to these anti-democratic courts, mere words are illegal!

Naturally this decision was once again a result of a lawsuit filed by some radical, anti-American atheists. These prevaricators claimed that hearing a prayer would cause them “irreparable harm.” What tosh.

This whole claim that hearing a prayer or seeing religious paraphernalia will cause “harm” to atheists is such idiocy. Just think of it. They claim not to believe in the “myths” of religion. God doesn’t exist. It’s all fakery, they say. So, when they see a cross representing something they say doesn’t exist… they are harmed? How can you be harmed by something that doesn’t exist? Atheists sure get all exercised over things that don’t exist, don’t they? It just goes to show that their beliefs are just as filled with religious fervor and zealotry as the religionists they hate.

Anyway, back to this idiotic lawsuit…

The Texas Attny Gen is alarmed at this blatant example of judicial activism by Chief U.S. District Judge Fred Biery who handed down this ruling.

“Part of this goes to the very heart of the unraveling of moral values in this country,” Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott told Fox News Radio, saying the judge wanted to turn school administrators into “speech police.”

“I’ve never seen such a restriction on speech issued by a court or the government,” Abbott told Fox News Radio. “It seems like a trampling of the First Amendment rather than protecting the First Amendment.”

I disagree, Mr. Attny Gen. It doesn’t just seem like a trampling of the First Amendment. It is an outright oppression of it!

Fortunately, a second set of judges reversed this idiot’s speech ban.

Once again this whole mess is a result of a flawed interpretation of the First Amendment’s religion clause. It does not say that government shall disallow any and all allusions to religion. All it says is that government will not host a nationalized, officially approved religion. In fact, the amendment rather assures that people have a right to express their religion. What part of, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” don’t you understand?

It is a wrong-headed idea that schools must ban all expressions of religion just because schools are funded by government.

Further it is a violation of the freedom of the 99.9% of the other students at this graduation because a tyranny of the minority (in this case, two radically atheist kids) has said that they have no right to freedom of religious expression!

It is good that the second panel of judges shut down this idiot, Biery. But that he made the decision in the first place is an example of how far our so-called judiciary has fallen. It’s long past time to start tossing these un-American judges off the bench.