New York Democrat Anthony Weiner and his Twitter account saga, known as Weinergate, is getting creepier by the day. Now many of his ex-girlfriends are speaking out. In addition, sources such as the Daily Mail in the UK are now reporting that the Weiner sent other messages the same day using TweetDeck. The embarrassing story even caused Weiner to be absent on Sunday′s Israel Day parade in New York City. The growing buzz on Capitol Hill is that Weiner fancies himself a ladies man, even though most of his life, he was a pathetic loser when it came to romance. But, as Henry Kissinger would say, power is the best aphrodisiac.

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The pattern of behavior here unfolds as ex-girlfriends dish about Anthony Weiner, whom is currently married to Muma Abedin, an aide to Hillary Clinton. Kirsten Powers, who often appears on Fox News, says that Weiner may be the only man who ever dumped her. Another ex whom spoke with the Daily Mail said of Weiner, “I think he′s the kind of guy who didn’t get a lot of girls in high school and, all of the sudden, he got attention.”

Weiner was once mentioned in a Vanity Fair story about romance in the nation′s Capitol. Not long after getting elected and taking office in 2001, Weiner had apparently introduced himself to a 22-year old intern, Diana Davis, telling her he was ″an auto parts salesman″. After ′coming clean′ to his actual profession, he still tried to arrange a date with the intern via email, who didn′t reply to his request.

So the saga of Anthony Weiner and Weinergate continues to unfold and get stranger by the day. He has backed off on claims that his Twitter account was hacked, now claiming that the lewd photo sent to 21-year old Gennette Cordova was merely a prank. But as ex-girlfriends who dated Weiner before he married Huma Abedin come forward, it would seem that the New York Democrat considers himself to be quite the ladies man. His pattern of using the Internet to acquire dates, including misrepresenting himself, is beginning to emerge. Oh, the shame of it all! Another report indicates that Weiner has sent more than one message to adult film star, Ginger Lee, as recently as this past March.

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