Many on the Far Left and Lame Street Media made hay about Sarah Palin and her Paul Revere comments last week. Palin said Paul Revere not only warned Americans that the British were coming, much as the famous poem, The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere by Longfellow tells, but also that Palin said Revere warned the British as well. Critics charged that Palin was calling Revere a traitor. But, it turns out that Palin was correct, that Paul Revere was also informing the British that any plans they had to confiscate arms and gunpowder from American colonists would fail.

sarah palin paul revere

Sarah Palin made the statement during the first leg of her One Nation bus tour, traveling through the Northeastern United States, stopping off at many historical sites. Palin says the purpose of this bus tour is to promote American history and the Constitution. To help educate people on our great heritage.

Apparently, the media reporters may need a lesson in history themselves. Their “Denny’s placemat” view of America and our heritage is an example of the failure of Progressive education which has dominated our schools for generations. Most modern history text books are filled with errors, and omit most of the more important facts on the origins of our great nation. Personally, I am reluctant to even bother with any set of encyclopedias produced after 1965, as they are generally filled with such distortions.

So kudos to Sarah Palin on her Paul Revere comments. After taking some heat initially for saying Revere warned British during his famous midnight ride, with some bozos in the media claiming Palin calling Revere a traitor, it turns out that she is absolutely correct. Paul Revere not only warned Americans that the British were coming, but he also warned the British that their attempts to disarm Americans would fail. Perhaps had they paid heed to Revere′s warning, the British would not have embarked on their mission in April 1775 and peaceful efforts to resolve the political issues of the time would have succeeded? After all, there were many in the British Parliament who were sympathetic to the American cause of self-governance. Who knows, we might still even today be part of the British Dominion had cooler heads prevailed back then?

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