An organization calling themselves “Breasts not Bombs” crashed Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters in San Francisco on July 23rd. See the video and photos of these women protesters.

There is no nudity in this video, but I promise this kind of nudity you will not want to see.

In a quest for better nudity, I visited the “breasts not bombs website” and was appalled by a lack of photographic judgement on the homepage.

Meanwhile, Ms. Magazine sent a letter denouncing the Washinton Post for discussing Hillary Clinton’s feminine gambit, namely her intentional display of breasts in the Senate last week.

Senator Clinton is a distinguished member of the Senate and quite possibly the next president of the United States. Instead of writing about her strategy to end the war in Iraq or her plans to reform the health care system in this country, the Post devoted a feature story to analyzing her breasts.

… it drones on …

The letter was audaciously signed “For Equality” where you normally write “Sincerely” by Katherine Spillar of Ms. Magazine. I do not think there is anything on that side of the magazine rack for me.

Hat tip: Politico.