Looks like GOP candidate for president Jon Hunstman has decided that he won’t bother with the Iowa Caucus during this primary season. Huntsman claims he’s skipping Iowa because he refuses to support ethanol subsidies.

At a stop in New Hampshire, Huntsman

“I’m not competing in Iowa, for a reason.”

“I don’t believe in subsidies that crop up for corn, soybeans,” Huntsman said. “I think they destroy the global marketplace.” The position is one that is supported heavily by Granite State voters.

“We will be competing vigorously here, and in South Carolina and in Florida, but we probably won’t be spending a whole lot of time in Iowa,” he said. “I guess I understand how the politics work there.”

As Utah’s governor Huntsman heavily pushed renewable energies. At several recent stops for his nascent campaign, Hunstman also pushed exploring for domestic natural gas. But he’s also proven to be a cap-and-trade enthusiast and embraced the myths of man made global warming.

Back in 2003, Huntsman was