Barack Obama and Speaker John Boehner will play a round of golf together, finally. June 18 will be the big day. Boehner is ranked as the 34th best golfer in ′official Washington′, while Obama is 108th. The big question is not what topics will they discuss during this outing, but whether or not Boehner will spot Obama any strokes? While the GOP and Obama battle over Medicare, the budget and the debt ceiling, the House of Representatives voted yesterday to force Obama to define our objectives in Libya. This comes a week after the crucial deadline passed without Obama complying with the laws governing the War Powers Act.

obama boehner golf
Barack Obama and Speaker John Boehner will play golf together later this month. Image Credit: White House Official Photographer/

The golf summit between Obama and Speaker John Boehner is certain to raise some eyebrows. Not the least of which is giving Obama a ′freebie′, an excuse to play golf without the usual criticism. During his first two years in the White House, Obama averaged a round of golf every 12 days. An indication that his alleged focus on the economy and creating jobs was as bogus as his scorecard. Perhaps instead of demanding to see Obama′s birth certificate and school records, Donald Trump should have been demanding to see Obama′s golf record. A sore item for our first Anti-President.

House Speaker John Boehner, on the other hand, is a serious golfer. No Mulligans by he. Boehner makes every stroke count and can hold his own against the pros. Obama is said to have a handicap of 17 strokes. Boehner, on the other hand, has sported a handicap of 5, but since becoming the head of the GOP in the House in 2007, his golf game has suffered. His current handicap is rated at 8.5 strokes.

So on Saturday, June 18, Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner will play golf together for the first time. The Obama – Boehner golf summit is not expected to solve any of the nations many problems that Obama has created during the past two years. However, Boehner might correct Obama′s atrocious swing.

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