Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich testified yesterday during his retrial in Federal court that he wanted to appoint himself to Barack Obama′s U.S. Senate seat so he could go to Afghanistan and hunt for Osama bin Laden. Yes! That is what he said. ‘Blago’ has been in the witness stand since last week Thursday telling his side of the story while facing a retrial of 20 charges of bribery and corruption. He continues to deny that he intended to trade the Senate seat for campaign contributions or political favors. Blagojevich contends that he was focused on cutting a deal in the Illinois House of Representatives to get his agenda passed which would benefit the citizens of Illinois. He claims he was not trying to haggle for a cabinet post in the Obama administration in exchange for appointing Valeria Jarrett to the Senate.

Rod Blagojevich mug shot

Federal prosecutors finally got a chance to cross examine Blago yesterday, forcing him to admit that he is a “convicted liar”. This refers to the one and only charge from the first trial that resulted in a verdict, that he lied to Federal investigators of the FBI. Reid Schar posed the question to Rod Blagojevich. “Mr. Blagojevich, you are a convicted liar, correct?” After a round of objections from defense lawyer Aaron Goldstein, which the judge James Zagel over-ruled, Blago answered, “Yes.”

The circus that is the corruption trial for ousted governor Rod Blagojevich is nearly over. More cross-examination is expected on Monday. The former Illinois governor had been testifying since last week Thursday, telling the jury how everything he did was to benefit the citizens of Illinois. Facing a retrial of 20 charges of bribery and corruption, Blago was only convicted in the first trial for lying to the FBI. This latest revelation about how he wanted to appointment himself to fill the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama, specifically so Blagojevich could go to Afghanistan to hunt for Osama bin Laden is just the latest tall tale.

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