Weinergate keeps getting stranger by the day after the embattled New York Democrat did a series of interviews where Anthony Weiner can’t say for certain that the lewd photo in question was of him or not. Weiner also now admits that the Capitol police was never contacted about the alleged hacking of his Twitter account, not wanting to make a Federal case about it. In fact, the new buzz-word is that he was ‘pranked’, not ‘hacked’. Reports on Weiner’s tweets now include exchanges with an adult film actress, Ginger Lee, who says she has corresponded with Weiner, including posting a picture of him with a crayon-heart back in March. The randy Congressman, who is married to Huma Abedin, an aide to Hillary Clinton, is now the subject of the late-night comics, like Jon Stewart.

Anthony Weiner can  t say

After a crazy press conference Saturday, where Congressman Weiner called a CNN reporter a “jackass”, Weiner said he would not discuss the matter further. But, events and new revelations persist, which led Weiner to do a series of interviews yesterday. Good idea? Maybe, until Anthony Weiner can’t say for certain that the lewd photo sent on his Twitter account was not one of himself. Perhaps trying ti impress Rachel Maddow, Weiner told the MSNBC host that ″It could be″ a photo of him. When CNN′s Wolf Blitzer put the question, “Have you ever taken a picture of yourself like this?” Weiner responded “I can tell you this, that there are – I have photographs.” Huh? He added, “I don’t know what photographs are out there in the world of me.”

Okay, so did Anthony Weiner admit yesterday that he has taken photographs of himself, potentially lewd photos at that, and sends them to people? It sure sounds like he did admit it! Most of the 190 people Weiner follows on Twitter are young women, including adult film actress Ginger Lee. How many of these women have received lewd photos from him? This story is not going away any time soon!

New York Democrat Anthony Weiner can′t say for sure if the lewd photo set over his Twitter account was not an actual picture of himself. During a marathon series of press interviews, Weiner dug himself a deeper hole over Weinergate. He’s changed his tune from being hacked to it just being a prank, to stave off investigations by the Capitol police. Weiner, married to Huma Abedin, says he just does not want to make a Federal case out of the incident. But it is starting to look like Weiner is living an alternative life of Twitter. Tweets will set you free!

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