Here is the photo of Hillary Clinton’s cleavage on the Senate floor that everyone wants to talk about. Just what you wanted to see before dinner, Hillary Clinton’s breasts.

Why does anyone care? Perhaps because she has for so long cultivated an aura of asexuality so that she would not be viewed negatively as a weakling presidential prospect.

Why did she unbutton for the cameras? That is a more interesting question. My guess is she has been stung by the recent reports that she is intentionally acting like a man. Polls must show that this perception must be a dangerous vulnerability for Hillary Clinton, since old Bill swooped in overnight to defend her womanly honor.

And yes, it is an intentional display of cleavage. Everything Hillary Clinton does is calculated and managed.

Lastly, one cannot help but note that this boob-shot is another sign of Hillary Clinton’s inability to commit to bold action. If the woman wants to show cleavage, just do it!

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