The GOP field for the 2012 nomination for President is by turns frustrating and amusing. Let’s take two candidates — one declared the other rumored soon to be — and see where they stand, shall we? Let’s take a look at Newt Gingrich and Jon Huntsman.

Newt has seemingly crashed and burned only minutes after he got out of the starting gate. His ill stated stance on Obamacare and the mandate only days after he announced seems to be something he cannot shake and his perceived attack on Paul Ryan was a major mistake. A Gallup poll shows him at his lowest polling numbers since he announced.

Gingrich’s loss of positive positioning in Republicans’ eyes is the main finding relating to the group of well-known candidates. His unfavorable ratings — now the highest for any candidate Gallup is tracking — have risen by 13 points since early April. His Positive Intensity Score has dropped to 6, among the lowest tested.


Gallup also finds that Michelle Bachmann and Herman Cain are the current recipients of the most positive attitudes among the Republicans polled.

On the other hand, PPP did a poll of Iowa voters and found that Jon Huntsman is practically invisible to them there.

When looking for GOP supporters in Iowa PPP found that only one guy would admit to supporting Huntsman. Not one percent, just one guy.

PPP reports that Huntsman’s one little supporter would vote for Obama and would not vote for the GOP candidate if it were Cain or Palin. In other words, this dude is no Republican.

It is no surprise, though, that a non-Republican “Republican” would support Huntsman — and that there is only one of him in all of Iowa! Few Republicans see Huntsman as anything other than a moderate at best and a RINO at worst. The news over the weekend that Huntsman supported an Obamacare-like insurance mandate fits in perfectly with the feeling that he’s not much different than Obama on much of anything.

One distinctly gets the feeling that neither Gingrich nor Huntsman have the slightest chance to succeed as the GOP nominee, doesn’t it?

… but there is still time.