Barack Obama is not called a Limousine Liberal for nothing. During his first two years as president, there has been a 73% increase in the number of the luxury vehicle class by the Federal government since the George W. Bush administration. According to iWatch News, most of expansion of the limo fleet has been with the State Department. The majority of the newly purchased limos were made by Cadillac. By itself, this may not seem like anything to get excited about. But when you couple this with another report from the Congressional Research Center that shows some 77,000 Federal employees earn more than the national average salary for state governors, we see once again another sign that the Federal government is just plain spending too much money.

limousine liberal

Bad enough that the average Federal employee earns nearly double, about $72,000, that of the average private sector employee at $47,000 per year. Or that according to the latest housing market data, Washington DC was one of only two markets (Seattle the other) where the value of homes actually rose this past year. Many people complain about the high salaries and bonuses dealt out on Wall Street, or about huge profits from oil companies. However you feel about them, those are private sector situations driven by the market. If there is no market, then salaries are slashed and no bonuses are paid.

But when we talk about the Federal government, that is our tax dollars funding these outrages. Inside the Beltway, a Limousine Liberal is one who trashes Capitalism and free market enterprise, rallies about helping the poor and needy, but then demands all the perks and benefits they can gouge taxpayers for. Barack Obama talked about shared sacrifice, but he instead is adding to the problem, spending more money than any other president ever has. Feathering the nests of Federal employees and bureaucracy with more lavish salaries, benefits and, worst of all, more power. The iWatch News report shows a 73% increase in the purchase of luxury vehicle class cars. The State Department leads the way in limo use. Are we to expect the next report one of an increase in luxury, corporate-type jet aircraft for the Federal government fleet? The Obama White House has been living high on the hog, wolfing down Kobe beef steaks, cocktail parties for journalists every Wednesday, and lavish vacations. Unlike George W. Bush whose favorite meal was a taco. When will it end?

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