Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) thinks there is a vast right-wing conspiracy after a hacker used the Congressman′s Twitter account to tweet a lewd photo of a man to a college girl. Known as Weinergate, there are many questions to be answered, such as was his account even hacked? Law enforcement officials are hitting brick wall of crafted statements and lawyers when they tried to find out whether or not the picture was that actually of Weiner, or why was he following the girl on Twitter? Some sources, such as Andrew Breitbart and the Daily Caller are also wondering why Congressman Weiner from New York City is following a 21-year old college student from Seattle, Gennette Cordova, on Twitter? Weiner′s spokesman, Dave Arnold, says that the New York Democrat is the victim of a prank. The New York Daily News spoke with Miss Cordova, who told them that there has never been any lewd contact between them before on a Twitter Feed. Ah, the joys of social networking…

Anthony Weiner

So, the question is, could the lewd photo of a man′s bulging underwear actually be that of Congressman Anthony Weiner? My guess is ′NO′, but who can say? We just had an election in New York state last week when another Congressman, Christopher Lee (R, NY-26), resigned after he was caught posting shirtless images of himself on the Internet to attract women. The Daily Caller website is conducting a poll of how the public thinks. Is the photo of Weiner? So far the voting is about 2/3rds believing it is him, as the bulge definitely leans to the Left!

Frankly, I′m surprised that Rep. Anthony Weiner has not gotten himself into some sort of trouble before Weinergate. In my personal opinion, he is the most obnoxious, wrong-headed Democrat in Congress. At times even surpassing Nancy Pelosi in being ridiculous. For now, Weiner is staying mum on the subject. His spokesman Dave Arnold is denying everything, claiming that the New York Democrat is the victim of a hacker attack on his Twitter account. That the lewd tweet to the young college student, Gennette Cordova, was not sent by Weiner himself. Meanwhile, Andrew Breitbart and The Daily Caller are having plenty of fun with the story. I can hardly wait for Weiner to explain himself to Megyn Kelly on Fox News, if he ever musters the courage to face her again.

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