MSNBC host Lawrence O′Donnell called it a victory for Socialism. He was referring to the special election for the New York 26th Congressional District seat vacated after Christopher Lee resigned posting shirtless pictures of himself to attract women. Democrat Kathy Hochul won over Republican Jane Corwin, 48% to 42%. Jack Davis, the self-described Tea Party candidate, whom was not backed by the Tea Party, took 9% of the vote. Democrats claim that the victory Tuesday night was a clear message that voters are rejecting the Paul Ryan 2012 budget plan, which calls for reforms for Medicare and Social Security, as well as major spending cuts on all entitlement programs. Republicans argue that the vote was muddied by the Davis campaign.

Medicare Broke

The real question here is whether or not America understands just how dire our debt crisis is? How can programs like Medicare and Social Security continue without reforms? If the Democrats are correct and NY-26 is a defining moment that will repeat itself nationally throughout the next 18 months, then the game is over. America will join Europe and face severe austerity measures that will plunge the nation into chaos.

Most recent polls show around 57% in favor of not raising the Debt Ceiling at all. More than 30% are in favor of raising it, but only with spending cuts. Our debt and budget woes stem from too much spending in Washington. The Pentagon budget will exceed $700 Billion dollars. Medicaid spending is rising at a rate twice as fast as Medicare and Social Security. Other entitlement programs, like food stamps, have shot up some 54% in the past year. Barack Obama and the Democrats added more than $3 Trillion dollars in new debt just in the past 2 years.

How much longer can this madness continue? The Board of Trustees for Medicare and Social Security have already reduced the time line before those programs go broke. Medicare will go bust 5 years sooner now than previously estimated. Standard and Poors recently issued another warning that America′s bond rating may be downgraded if nothing is done to resolve our budget woes. Bond sales, which fund our debt, have slipped so much in the past 2 years that the Federal Reserve is funding purchases, essentially monetizing the National Debt. The $14.3 Trillion dollar Debt Ceiling has already been reached, forcing Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to shuffle the deck to find money to keep the government running.

If the New York 26th Congressional District election is truly an indicator of what is to come, then be prepared to see Democrats continue to scare voters about Medicare and the Paul Ryan 2012 budget plan. TV ads showing grandma being shoved off a cliff flooded the airwaves as Kathy Hochul campaigned for the Democrats. This is how we have an honest, adult debate on the issue of government spending. Republicans had better get their message better organized if they hope to carry the day and save America from Socialism and disaster.

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