After the 9/11 attacks, he was called “America′s Mayor”. Now, a new poll by CNN and Opinion Research Corporation has Rudy Giuliani in first place of a list of Republican Party candidates for the 2012 presidential race. Getting 16% support from a field of 12 potential candidates, Giuliani edges out Mitt Romney, at 15%, Sarah Palin at 13% and Ron Paul at 12%. Of the rest of the pack, businessman Herman Cain tops the rest with 10%, with the remainder, including Newt Gingrich, all in the single digits. The national poll consisted of 1007 American adults, not likely voters, and claims that 473 of the respondents were Republicans. Oddly enough, of the 476 Democrats polled, only 79% believe that Barack Obama should be renominated. About 19% would prefer another option.

Rudy Giuliani

Getting into the nuts and bolts of the poll, we find that when it comes to enthusiasm, Rudy Giuliani leads again, with 27%, followed by Sarah Palin at 26%. Mitt Romney is third with 21% and Ron Paul following him with 20%. Only 16% of those polled are very satisfied with the current candidates. 45% are fairly satisfied. Among those whom have either not shown any indications of running yet, Congressman Paul Ryan tops the list with 48%, Gov. Chris Christie with 45%, Gov. Rick Perry with 40% and former Gov. Jeb Bush with 39%.

Rudy Giuliani will be making an appearance in New Hampshire this coming week, speaking at a NH GOP event just hours after Mitt Romney is expected to make his candidacy official. Sarah Palin will also be in NH completing the first leg of her bus tour which starts today after appearing with the pro-veteran Rolling Thunder motorcycle event in Washington, DC. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is also flirting with running, but in most polls have her support in the single digits.

After an abysmal campaign in 2008, many had written Rudy Giuliani off for consideration for any future presidential races. He essentially conceded the early primaries in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, pegging all his hopes on Florida. But by that time, Senator John McCain had begun building some momentum. Giuliani had also been the subject of a series of brutal attacks in the Media, mainly from the New York Times. But perhaps after more than two years of Barack Obama, will voters reconsider Rudy Giuliani in the 2012 presidential race? This summer will be an interesting one for the Republican Party, as the GOP begins to seriously look at who might be best suited to defeated Obama and restore America to greatness.

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